I’m still here, but I am semi-retired.

Hi there. Since I closed my office in 2016, some of my former patients have searched high and low for me. After 35 years of helping patients, I took a few months off to hit the reset button, but now I’m back working a few days a week while continuing my study of healing techniques.

How I Work

My Approach- Integrative Manual Therapy

I provide holistic bodywork, which I call “Integrative Manual Therapy”, to help people overcome complex physical / stress related challenges. The care is unique for each individual. I look at you from the ground up – foot biomechanics, gait, postural balance up to the cranial system and everything in between.

The combination of approaches I have studied and used over my career – including Applied Kinesiology, cranial and visceral manipulation, Chiropractic manipulation, Somato Emotional Release, Neuro Emotional Technique,  myofascial release and neuromuscular therapies – allow me to make a huge difference in people’s lives without protracted treatment plans.

The Sessions

I am working on Tuesdays and Fridays in Port St Lucie by appointment. The treatment sessions typically are 45 minutes or one hour in duration. If you are interested in scheduling care, the best way to reach me is by email- tccoffice@bellsouth.net or you can leave a message or text my cell phone- 772-353- 2740.

About Dr Rothstein

I’m a chiropractic physician practicing since 1984

I am also a licensed massage therapist, and have certifications in acupuncture and as a sports team physician. I graduated from the University of Florida in 1976 and the National College of Chiropractic in 1983. I’ve been licensed in the state of Florida and a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association since 1983.

Over the past 35 years, I have completed post-graduate studies in Applied Kinesiology, Activator Technique, acupuncture, Contact Reflex Analysis, Craniosacral therapy, massage therapy, myofascial release, Neuro Emotional Technique, neuromuscular therapy, nutritional therapy, Somato Emotional Release, management of sports injuries, and visceral manipulation.

Some of the health issues we have treated successfully include: Auto-related injuries, headaches, TMJ dysfunction, neck and back pain, stress-related issues, “pinched nerves,” foot pain, and sports injuries.